About Cermet

Pradeep Khadilkar


  • Is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company
  • Is the leading manufacturer of Electronic / Electrical Resistors in India
  • Manufactures the widest range of resistors using solely indigenous  technology
  • Has captured almost every niche in its market domains
  • Also provides customized solutions to industries, with 47 years of R&D and more than 25 years of manufacturing experience
  • Has a state-of-the-art manufacturing setup, a well established dealer network in India & abroad and a large customer base.

With a turnover in excess of USD 2 million and a capacity to manufacture 100 million Resistors per month, Cermet is one of the leading companies in the field.

With a solid foundation laid by first generation entrepreneur Mr. N. S. Khadilkar, Cermet today is ably run by the second generation entrepreneur Mr. Pradeep N. Khadilkar. Cermet today is a rock-solid organization with a reputation built on its innovativeness and dynamism. This fact is amplified by the extent of its business reach in terms of  the number of customers garnered over the years, a dominant presence in domestic & export markets and also its continued evolution in the field of product research and development.

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Cermet’s Vision

is backed by values that initiate, nurture and propagate scientific research, product engineering and its conversion into an ethical business practice.

Cermet’s Business Philosophy

is driven by a desire to feed the inquisitive mind and channelize it to generate products that not only form an indispensible part of an application but also are revolutionary in their sheer range and the spectrum of applications. Cermet also thrives on new challenges that are thrown up in its quest towards development of products and markets. The backbone of Cermet’s existence has been its strong will to survive under adversities and contribute to self development resulting in value addition to the economic paradigm of the country.

Professional Management

A Strong Solution Orientation

A Solid Track Record

Team Cermet is 100+ in number & infinite in productivity!


Comprised of Research Doctors, Engineers, Workers and Support Staff, Cermet is an ‘Equal Opportunity’ employer and in fact has encouraged women participation at all levels as is evident by the majority presence of women in the team.

The driving force of Team Cermet is its Management which has well qualified, experienced, dedicated and dynamic members to decide, direct and execute the business policies and plans.

The Cermet Management has the right vision to set goals and follow it up with focused action to take Cermet to the next levels.This Management believes in doing “business” rather than just “doing” business and is therefore dynamic to the core!


Cermet believes in identifying and nurturing skills & talent. By practicing its philosophy of ‘A Person for the Job and not just a Job for a Person’, Cermet ensures that the best out of each of its 100 strong work force is brought out to contribute to self and organizational development.

Also driven by professionalism, Cermet has inculcated the values of work integrity & professional ethics into its work force. Use of individual intelligence while on the job and maintaining a team spirit are the two most valued aspects of the Cermet Team.

Certifications & Approvals

  • ISO 9001-2008 Certified
  • LCSO (Defence) Approved
  • CACT (Telecom) Approved
  • ERTL (West) Type Tested
  • BARC, BEL Approved
  • RoHS Compliant

Growth Strategies


Augmenting & strengthening infrastructure and processes.


Improving technical and support skills through manpower utilisation optimization and getting a system in place to have a broader marketing initiative.


Tapping into markets not yet explored, both in terms of applications and geography.


Following an SBU (Strategic Business Unit) concept to strategize growth.


Having offices abroad to facilitate exports & export marketing.


Getting into strategic tie-ups with either domestic or foreign partners of similar interests to increase market visibility & reach, both domestically and internationally.